Give geoRx one or more DOIs of GEOPHYSICS (GEO), SEG Annual Meeting (AM), Leading Edge (TLE), or Geophysical Prospecting (GP) papers, as well as US patents (USPTO). It recommends related articles and patents, based on the contents of their abstracts.

LIKES       Neural Computing In Geophysics TLE  


34 The Future Of Desktop Computers In Geophysics TLE
32 Geophysics And Computers: A Look To The Future TLE
30 Computer Technology: From Punch Cards To Clustered Supercomputers TLE
29 Personal Computers In The Geophysical Industry TLE
27 Zero Distance And Infinite Resources TLE
27 Using A Personal Computer TLE
26 Emerging Workstation‐Based Potential Field Methodologies TLE
24 Geophysical Data Processing On Parallel Computers In Our Experience TLE
23 A Whole New World In Only 60 Years TLE
23 Using The Ibm Pc For Geophysical Data Analyses TLE
23 Integrating Scientific And Business Computing: A View Of The Issues TLE
22 Winter Operation Of Geophysical Equipment In The Rocky Mountain Area GEO
22 Artificial Intelligence: Expert Systems For Exploration TLE
22 The Geophysicist Of The Future TLE
22 Geophysical Software Ergonomics: Methods For Effective Evaluation AM

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