Give geoRx one or more DOIs of GEOPHYSICS (GEO), SEG Annual Meeting (AM), Leading Edge (TLE), or Geophysical Prospecting (GP) papers, as well as US patents (USPTO). It recommends related articles and patents, based on the contents of their abstracts.

LIKES       Redefining The Standard Of Missing Log Prediction: Neural Network With Bayesian Regularization (Nnbr) With Stratigraphic Constraint – A Case Study From Laminated Sand-Shale Reservoir AM  


43 Performance Evaluation Of Complex Neural Networks In Reservoir Characterization: Applied To Boonsville 3-D Seismic Data AM
37 Ensembles Of Neural Networks With Different Input Sets USPTO
34 Use Of Multiattribute Transforms To Predict Log Properties From Seismic Data GEO
33 Committee Neural Networks For Porosity And Permeability Prediction From Well Logs GP
32 A Dynamic Adaptive Radial Basis Function Approach For Total Organic Carbon Content Prediction In Organic Shale GEO
30 Integrating Neural Networks And Fuzzy Logic For Improved Reservoir Property Prediction And Prospect Ranking AM
29 Method And Apparatus For Neutron Porosity Measurement Using A Neural Network USPTO
28 Porosity Prediction Using The Group Method Of Data Handling GEO
27 Evaluation Of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs From Geophysical Log Data Using An Improved Fuzzy Comprehensive Decision Method And A Homologous Neural Network GP
27 Neural Networks As An Intelligence Amplification Tool: A Review Of Applications GEO
27 Coarse-To-Fine Self-Organizing Map For Automatic Electrofacies Ordering USPTO
25 Neural Networks And Avo TLE
24 A Comparison Of Popular Neural Network Facies Classification Schemes AM
24 Reservoir Characterization Using Seismic Waveform And Feedforword Neural Networks GEO
23 Rock Parameter Inversion Using Well And Depth Domain Seismic Data By Srm Neural Networks AM

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