Give geoRx one or more DOIs of GEOPHYSICS (GEO), SEG Annual Meeting (AM), Leading Edge (TLE), or Geophysical Prospecting (GP) papers, as well as US patents (USPTO). It recommends related articles and patents, based on the contents of their abstracts.

LIKES       Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics TLE
Who Pays For Seg Membership? TLE
DISLIKES A Fresh Perspective From Down Under TLE


56 Lithoprobe: Exploring The Subduction Zone Of Western Canada TLE
55 Engineering And Environmental Geophysics Get Top Billing At Sageep TLE
55 The Role Of Professional Societies In Continuing Education TLE
54 The Dynamic Stanford Exploration Project TLE
53 Environmental Geophysics: It'S About Time TLE
53 Publication Of Geophysical Case Histories GEO
53 Full Spectrumwomen In Geophysical Service Companies: Three Stories TLE
53 The Historical Significance Of Exploration Geophysics TLE
53 The History, Current Status, And Future Of Geophysics GEO
53 Sneak Previews Of Geophysics TLE
51 Seg Depository At The University Of Tulsa GEO
51 Pioneering Water-Bottom Gravity: Jack Weyand'S Amazing Life And Career—Part 2 TLE
51 Promoting Education In The Geosciences Rewards All Stakeholders TLE
51 Future Geophysical Technology Trends TLE
51 A Whole New World In Only 60 Years TLE

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