Give geoRx one or more DOIs of GEOPHYSICS (GEO), SEG Annual Meeting (AM), Leading Edge (TLE), or Geophysical Prospecting (GP) papers, as well as US patents (USPTO). It recommends related articles and patents, based on the contents of their abstracts.

LIKES       Neural Networks As An Intelligence Amplification Tool: A Review Of Applications GEO
Three Data Analytics Party Tricks TLE


47 Neural Networks In Geophysical Applications GEO
34 An Evaluation Of Neural Networks TLE
32 A Comparison Of Popular Neural Network Facies Classification Schemes AM
30 Artificial Neural Networks For Removal Of Couplings In Airborne Transient Electromagnetic Data GP
30 Integrating Neural Networks And Fuzzy Logic For Improved Reservoir Property Prediction And Prospect Ranking AM
29 Predictive Ore Deposit Targeting Using Neural Network Analysis AM
29 Coarse-To-Fine Self-Organizing Map For Automatic Electrofacies Ordering USPTO
29 Redefining The Standard Of Missing Log Prediction: Neural Network With Bayesian Regularization (Nnbr) With Stratigraphic Constraint – A Case Study From Laminated Sand-Shale Reservoir AM
29 Neural Networks And Avo TLE
28 Enhanced Interpretation Of Magnetic Survey Data From Archaeological Sites Using Artificial Neural Networks GEO
27 Africaarray: Developing A Geosciences Workforce For Africa'S Natural Resource Sector TLE
27 Two-Part Metric For Link State Routing Protocols USPTO
27 A Comparison Of Popular Neural Network Facies-Classification Schemes TLE
27 Artificial Neural Networks For Parameter Estimation In Geophysics GP
26 Predicting Permeability From Well Log Data And Core Measurements Using Support Vector Machines AM

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